English 12 2013-2014
(English 12 2013-2014)

The purpose of English 12 is to develop, cultivate, and enhance the students' writing, reading, and critical thinking abilities. The course assumes a high level of ability and will challenge the students to work well with others and alone on a variety of subjects in a number of different modes of expression. 

Central to the course is reading. Students should expect to come to class having read the assigned text from the previous night and be prepared to comment and be quizzed on that material. 

Students will be expected to write every day. They should bring a pen/pencil and paper in addition to any electronic devices they may use in other classes.

While students develop their critical thinking skills, they will be asked to apply those skills in a variety of ways. Students should be ready and willing to participate in all activites and assignments to the best of their abilities.